LVVWD C-1146 Valved Outlets at Campbell 1845 Zone Reservoir Site

This project was done for the LVVWD under contract C-1146 Valved Outlets at Campbell 1845 Zone Reservoir Site.

The duration of the project was 200 calendar days. The site of work was located at the Campbell Pumping Station located at 4095 East Flamingo Road. The valved outlets where installed on the northeast corner of the facility. The work consisted of the installation of two 36 inch welded steel outlets on an existing 42 inch and 48 inch steel water pipeline. In addition the work also included the installation of two Dylan Swedge valves.

The project also required two 36” hot taps on existing MLCP and SCCP pipe that was in very poor condition. This project was the first project that the LVVWD had installed Dylan Swedge valves.

Despite the challenges of working around degraded water lines in use that could not be shut down, Acme Underground successfully completed the project in less then 45 calendar days. The project was completed under budget and well before the LVVWD anticipated it could be completed.

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